Friday, 2 August 2013

Start Of Second Innings; Listen To Your Heart

Start Of Second Innings; Listen To Your Heart     

 In our previous article, we have stressed on  the importance and value of choosing the right career. For those of you who have missed reading it, I recommend that you go through the previous article before proceeding further on this one. here is the link, The value of choosing the right career.

You got commissioned in forces at a very early age, mostly in early 20s, and most of you probably didn't exercise any other career option, accepting the very first career success. Now when it is time for your career transition, you have the lifetime opportunity to decide a career of your own choice. Ask yourself, What is that one thing that you love doing and you are good at? The answer lies with you, only you. Listen to your heart; you will never get this opportunity again. You have the requisite qualities and skills to achieve what you desire. Do you love communicating with people and provide solutions to their problems, much similar to the way consultants do or you like organising and coordinating events, much similar to an event manager?  Do you like adventure sports and want to take your interest further or you like the hospitality sector? Find out where your heart lies.

“Nothing is as satisfying as working on something that you loved and wanted throughout your life”    

Your best performance for long duration will only come when your mind and body are dedicated towards work and your interest level is at peak. Having served in forces for years, you can get the work done in the most challenging and trying circumstances. The dynamism and dedication separate you from the rest of the world. So sit, relax, and think “What is that one work that stimulates you the most”.  Imagine yourself in that position and see if you actually enjoy doing that work. Ask your spouse and close buddies. Don’t worry about the practicality of your plan. India is a fast developing nation where numerous sectors are running and many new are opening up. You will find one or more career in line with your specific interest, with what you like doing. You may also start up your own venture as per your liking.

 It is very important to understand that we are humans and not machines. So if we try to program our self as we do to machines, we may work and produce results for sometime but in the long run, we will degenerate and become unproductive. Moreover, working in an environment that you don’t like will not only affect your job satisfaction but also your health. Even if you are less paid initially for a job that you really like, you will be better off working there as you will work at your optimum potential, increasing your probability of faster promotions. Also, once you have gained adequate corporate experience in your first job, you will always have the option to switch to better paid jobs in similar field. Your selection of career to  become Consultant, Business developer, Investment banker, Event manager, Administrator or freelancer or even an entrepreneur must not be  dependent upon which opportunity is knocking your door first but on what you want to become.  In the end, we leave you with this golden line :-

         “Listen to your heart; There lies your dream”  

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