Sunday, 28 July 2013

  Military Veterans: The Value of  Choosing The Right Career Post Retirement


             “ Chase your dream; It’s one life

Many of you think that choosing a job is much like throwing an angle in the water, catching the first fish and going back home for cooking. That’s a disastrous approach when it comes to finding a job. You can’t be just picking any job that comes first in your way even if that pays you as per your expectations. Picking a job post your military retirement is much more than that. Did you ever realized that you have a set way of working, a few needs, a number of likings and disliking and a few choices. What if you have to work in an environment which is totally different from the way you are? You have gone past that age in which you can undergo major overhaul.

 Working in a challenging and dynamic military environment, You have turned into  strong personality and character  over decades, and thus, your skills, interests , and values are an integral part of you, qualities that can’t be ignored or suppressed. Knowing that, You have to look forward to a career that supplements your personality, skills, values, likings, interests and work style and only minimal alterations are required there. Let’s understand that with the help of a few examples. Suppose you are kind of a person who is reserved and likes to work in isolation, in your own space, and you have been put into the shoes of a consultant or a business developer who need to communicate and convince people regularly , Do you think you would be able to use your natural self while performing your duties. Suppose you love field jobs and you simply hate sitting work of office, what if you land up in an environment wherein you need to sit from morning till evening all working days, having no outdoor field task. Don’t you feel uneasy and suffocated in that environment. If we were told to give you only one message from so many mentioned in this blog, then it would be to  “Listen to your heart”.  In our next blog, we will throw more light on this why is it essential to listen to your heart and how one can listen to one's heart. here is the link to it, click here       

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