Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Serve The Nation-->Hang Combats-->Translate Experience-->Wear Corporate Blues

Translation of Military Experience Into  Business Relevance

In this article, we will understand how the translation of military experience into business relevance takes  place.  Military professionals generally have strong leadership experience that is valued a lot in the civilian  environment. At the same time, the  recruiters face the  difficulty in finding a pool of strong leaders outside.  However, when  the corporate recruiters evaluate the military resume, much is lost in the translation.

 All military professionals have certain qualities on the basis of which they are selected for armed forces and are  thus common to all. These qualities are optimally utilized by them while discharging their active duties.  Military veterans generally use the military way to express their skills which HR recruiters find difficult to  translate and understand. Though these veterans are highly skilled , still they don't get the right opportunity  post retirement. The translation chart mentioned below will help in bridging the gap between military  veterans and corporate recruiters. 

    Military Experience
                   Relevance In  Corporate
Team Leader & Commanding Troops
Capable of handling Big Teams Successfully  
Cohesiveness among Team Members
Ensuring Committed and Motivated Team
Excellent Administration Skills
Achieving High Productivity
Man & Resource Management
HR/ Right man- Right place-Right time
Rightful use of Resources/Limit  Expenditures
Operational Planning  & Analysis
Ability to plan a new Proposal
Capable of Assessment/formulation of a Business Plan
Can Assess competition in market and bring Smart Advantages

Ability to think Big/ Strategic Roles/Business Developers
Bringing Effective Business Solutions to Complex Problems
Flexibility and Adaptability to Changing Situations.
Standing Operating Procedures(SOPs)
Capable of Crafting Policies, Rules and Regulations
Promote Structured and Organised Approach

Crisis Management & Contingency Planning
Preventing Occurrence of Crisis by Planning  & Rehearsals
Well laid out Contingency Planning
Capable of handling Stressful and Complicated Situations

High Organisational Ability

Timely Completion of Challenging Tasks in a Cost Effective manner
Integrity and Loyalty
Keep Organisational goal above all/ Sacrifice Individual Ego
Ambassador of  Honesty culture
 Positive Working Environment
 High Retention Rate/Loyalty towards Company
Versatility and Diversity              
Can lead diverse profile Teams irrespective of Differences
Ability to  handle Diverse Problems with Maturity
Excellent Performance even when  Multitask-ed
Professional Counselling & Mentoring
Help in Developing new Leaders.
Healthy Relationship among Team Members.
Good at Mentoring

We hope that this comparison chart will help the military experienced professionals in understanding their business skills better and also help the Corporate recruiters in knowing the relevance of the tasks performed by military veterans during their military career. M2C is committed to sensitize and galvanize the Corporate India about the strong business case for hiring military veterans besides being a cause of patriotism.  The hiring of military experienced professionals have overwhelming benefits and this video amply highlights the business advantages of hiring military professionals.

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