Monday, 12 August 2013

How Military Leadership Correlates with Leadership in Business Environment

In business, Leadership plays a vital role in the progress or downfall of an organisation.  Leaders at all levels are responsible to lead the employees under them and get the task accomplish in the given time frame.  A successful Leadership involves the selection of right people and allocating the right task to them,  detailed and meticulous  planning, sincere execution on ground, maintaining correct time line, and detailed supervision including mid course corrections. This all revolves around the leader whose one of the top priority is to keep the motivation level of the team at the highest level through  out the task. The leader knows that if the team members work cohesively with every individual giving in 100% willingly, it would be much easier to meet even the impregnable targets with  in the  time limit. 

In forces, a  lot of emphasis is laid on human capital especially on  shaping the minds of military leaders. During the selection process for officers,  Psychological tests are conducted to check if the candidate has officers like qualities of which leadership is an important part. Once the selected candidates join at  a very early age( 18-22), the training  curriculum gives top most priority to building and enhancing  leaderships in the minds of these young gentlemen and lady cadets,  keeping in mind  the end result that these young leaders should be capable of leading 100 plus men in a battlefield scenario .Once commissioned after successful completion of training,  These young officers are taking decisions related to life of the men under command , employment of equipment worth billions, and, most importantly, safeguard of national interest. Handling such enormous responsibilities in early 20s, Young military officers gain much more real life  leadership experience than their civilian counterparts, who at that age were either completing their studies or taking the first step towards their career.

A military officer is tasked with numerous mission oriented tasks through out his or her career wherein one has to lead a team and accomplish the given task in the allotted time frame.  These tasks are arduous in nature complex with difficult terrain, limited resources, harsh weather, limited time, ambiguity, and danger of enemy. In such harsh conditions and trying circumstances , An officer is not only responsible to plan effectively but also accountable  to take charge of its team and steer them  towards victory regardless of opposition, stopping only once the mission is completed.

  Having such vast experience of leading diverse troops in the face of danger and making decisions in hazy and ambiguous situations, Military officers bring unique experiences  as they transition  from war rooms to board rooms.   This enormous military  leadership experience when  enters into business world makes a win-win combination for the companies hiring them.
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