Friday, 23 August 2013

A Month Of Launch Of M2C: The Journey So Far

It’s been a month since we have launched Military To Corporate-M2C and we convey our heartfelt thanks to all the military leaders, serving or retired, their families, and the gentry in civil  who have overwhelmingly supported us in the first month of this unique concept, which is conceived to mitigate the career related problems faced by Indian military leaders during career transition. Since certain serious and  glaring issue are highlighted in this article, We would request you all to read this blog till the very end, forward this to every military leader, and also leave your comments/suggestions  down below in the comments box.

You all would agree with us  that till now there was no such platform existed in our country which could show the right path to retiring military leaders and also sensitize the corporate environment about the business value of military skills. On the one hand,  Most of the retiring officers are  generally  unaware on which career to choose, how to translate military skills into business terms,  how to do job hunt, which industry to choose, how to network and so many other issue and  On the other hand, Indian corporate sector is unaware of the business advantages of hiring military veterans. Most of the HR recruiters think that our best talent lies in security field and thus we are traditionally suited for security related jobs only.

Before we discuss with you about the challenges envisaged by M2C, we want to inform you that the results that we look forward to happening in the future in our country would be similar to click here and click here.  Of-course the  social system in  U.S is different from that of ours and in our country military is remembered only when the security of the countrymen is threatened, however  that doesn't stop us from fighting for our cause, the cause of veterans’ career .

Knowing the camaraderie, espirit-de-corps, and brotherhood that we have for each other, We assume that all of us, retiring or retired, would be interested in taking this cause forward even if one is not affected personally .  Having seen the end result of this cause above, Let’s have a look at the three big challenges:-

Challenge I - Creating Awareness Among Recruiters
Though Corporate India regards, and respects the sacrifice of our military leaders, It doesn't provide adequate opportunities in terms of job. There is a gap or a lack of awareness about the skills of military leaders and  the corporate relevance of these skills. Recently we conducted a few interviews of the shortlisted candidates with a few corporate clients and the lack of awareness among the HR recruiters was self-evident during the process. Hence, A big challenge is  to sensitize the Indian Corporate Sector about the strong business advantages of hiring veterans. While M2C is doing it’s best to create awareness, however the best results will only come if each one of you join us in doing so.

Challenge II - Empowering Retiring/Retired Military Veterans
Military leaders have all the qualities to be successful in the corporate arena, however they face numerous difficulties during their career transition including how to translate skills, career dilemma as to which career to choose , and  which industry to choose( click here) . M2C has taken on this challenge to provide the right transition advice, and resources to help them in finding the best possible career path. Through our transition related articles on blog, and website, We are already empowering the military community about the transition. Soon M2C will be posting valuable tips on resume writing, Interview, career transition,  certification courses, MBA and GMAT prep, and job hunting, all free of cost, with the aim to further empower the military leaders and pitch them high in corporate environment. M2C expects the military community to generously share these links with each other especially with those who are about to retire. 

Challenge III – Generating Career Opportunities For Veterans
If we are able to create awareness among the recruiters and if our veterans are empowered with business knowledge( MBA and certification courses) and adequately kitted with arsenals required to succeed in the corporate environment, It would be much easier for M2C to find job opportunities for our veterans. Here we  seek support of all our veterans who are well established in corporate and are in senior management roles to come ahead and introduce M2C to the recruiters and management in your company. While M2C has  made it’s  presence felt among the military community; It can  reach deep into corporate only with a helping hand from your side. You may adopt any method such as giving us contact details of recruiters so that we can send presentations to them or forwarding our details or presentations such as this one  to them. This way we all together would be able to help other members of this big fraternity in their career needs.

The Road Ahead
 “The Team M2C” with the support of our strong community  is committed to the cause of our veterans and we will make sure that every veteran gets a respectable job opportunity in the times to come.  Therefore, I request all of you reading this to take out some precious time of yours and do the following actions for the benefit of all :-

Forward this article and under mentioned links to retired/retiring/serving military officers and their families in your contacts on all online/offline platforms.

Follow us on the M2C’s platforms, which are  mentioned below, and take active part including suggestions/feedback  ( They are really valuable).

Spread awareness about the “  Advantages of Hiring Veterans” and other related awareness issues posted by us  with your HR/Senior Managements. Let M2C  know the contacts of HR recruiters in your company  or you yourself forward our presentations/articles to them.

Strive to prove yourself in whichever role/position you’re in corporate world, cementing reasons for business community to hire military veterans and making solid grounds that why the next hire in your company should be a military veteran.

Whether you were/are  in Air force, Army, or Navy, Our shared values ( incl brotherhood and camaraderie)  of our military profession serve as a precursor for instantaneous acquaintance and mutual trust, leading to unconditional help for each other.  “The Team M2C” feels that the present state of our camaraderie in corporate will set course of action for future veterans. Let’s all join hands together for our very own cause and let’s prove that we are  together whether in fatigues or in corporate blues. As mentioned above, Here are the links, do share with others especially with those having defense background  for the cause of veterans.

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 We thank all of you for your overwhelming support in last one month and also for reading this long article. We look forward to continuous support in the days to come as together we can help our veterans in finding a respectable career post retirement.