Saturday, 27 July 2013

 Advantages of An MBA Degree   For Military Leaders

Military veterans while in active service live an adventurous life spread with challenges of varied nature and risk. They have leadership skills acquired through leading their troops in the face of danger and have displayed extreme mental courage while discharging their duties. The diversity of tasks handled by these veterans across geographies and regions makes them one of the most attractive candidates in the B-schools fraternity. The combination of military experience with an MBA degree can turn out to be a powerful tool that guarantees success in the business world.  The various advantages of an MBA degree for military officers include:-

Gaining Business Knowledge

An MBA degree from a top B-school amalgamates your military leadership skills with business acumen and transforms them into a powerful tool that guarantees success in business world. During an MBA you learn to understand the business language and immerse yourself deeply into peer group learning. In a B School , you have the opportunity to learn all aspects about running a business and you also gain much insight to discover which area of business is more suitable to you . Hence, the MBA degree acts as a bridge between military life and corporate world for your smooth transition.

Gateway to a Successful Corporate Career

 An MBA from a top Business school gives you an opportunity to study with and learn from the brightest people from all across the world, enhancing your technical knowledge of various subjects and refining your personality. During MBA, your lack of corporate experience is negated by internships, involving multi month’s projects on a real business plan, offered by the various companies. There are many positions in the corporate world where it is mandatory for a candidate to hold an MBA from a top Business school. Therefore, an MBA degree with military experience can elevate you against overwhelming opportunities in top management positions in different domains.

High Paid Salaries

 Although obtaining an MBA degree from Top B School is considered to be an expensive deal but a military officer with an MBA degree is paid much higher than his or hey civilian counterparts. A number of scholarships are being offered by the B Schools that prefer military candidates because of the vast amount of leadership experience and diversity that they bring to the classroom.

Professionally Enriching and Satisfied Career

The advantage of an MBA degree is that a military officer starts out with important positions having higher responsibilities and major roles to play in the development of the organization. Additionally, a military officer having an MBA degree gets faster promotions and entrusted with challenging tasks as compared to civilian counterparts, Thus, An MBA degree ensures a  professionally enriching and satisfied career.  

The benefits of obtaining an MBA degree post your military career are overwhelming and ensure a successful and satisfied career after retirement.

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