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Embrace The Change Of Uniform From Military To Corporate

Career Transition Tips # 1- Accept The Change

 Did you notice that many a times you feel extremely uncomfortable thinking about transition to outside world. The felling of uncertainty,  and insecurity over powers your thoughts and many a times in such situations, rather than accepting the reality, you tend to shy away or run away from the thoughts of transition. At times, many of you who have already switched to corporate some time prior also tend to feel uncomfortable in adjusting to corporate environment. In retrospect, Have you ever thought  how well prepared are you to take on the corporate and what improvement/adjustments  you can make to be competitive and fit enough outside.  Here is the first article of the five articles series on  career transition tips which will help you in having a successful and  seamless transition to corporate.  

A career in armed forces is more than a career ;rather it’s a way of  life. You’re thickly into the military routine, day in and day out,  year by year, and  deeply engrossed in the dynamic activities of  the services. While performing your duties with extreme passion and dedication, You  sub consciously tend to develop a strong relationship or a deep association with our profession; the more the number of years of service you have, the thicker the military layer on your skin.
Thus, when it’s time to call it a day and hang your boots permanently, Many of you tend to shy away from the reality or simply avoid thinking about it, thinking that doing so the transition will not bother you and not realizing that the more you neglect it now, the more it will trouble you later. You have fallen so much in love with your military profession that you don’t feel like thinking beyond it. While it’s good to focus on your present, it is necessary to have the foresightedness especially when you are left with couple of years in service. Life has various phases in it and every phase is inevitable. Schooling, college( including NDA), first Career(forces), marriage, retirement, second career etc are all various phases of life and most of you have to undergo all while a handful  of you may skip a few of these phases. The sooner you realize this reality, the better it is for you and your career transition. Once you accept wholeheartedly that you will be retiring from forces at some time in life, you will be able to look and focus towards a career post retirement.
We all know that career transition is a well planned game plan and it needs a lot of sincerity, commitment, and time to plan and execute a seamless transition to corporate world. You know that the challenges faced by military leaders while transitioning to corporate world are  normally not faced by others( click here) . However by not accepting the fact that transition will take place or by avoiding thinking about the transition, we put ourself at a major disadvantageous position from where the recovery is extremely difficult. A person who is repeatedly avoiding the planning and preparation for the career transition is also an example of someone not willing to accept the transition or for that matter change. Why do many of us blame the corporate employers that they don’t provide us with good opportunities, however what we fail to realize is that many of us don’t prepare ourself adequately for the transition before hanging the uniform.

The first step in planning career transition is to realize that change will occur and this acceptance will allow for a focused approach towards the career switch. A good exercise to accept the reality would be to keep a slot for an hour or two daily to think, read, and discuss in relation to career transition and the options available for your next career. Keeping this slot and utilizing time for your second career preparation will not only convince your heart and mind about the occurrence of change but also gives a push to your preparation about career transition.  Remember, the most successful veterans immediately after the transition are those who have planned their transition well and the first step in planning your transition is to shake hand with the call of second career. The sooner you accept the reality, the better it is for your second innings.  
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