Saturday, 7 September 2013

Career Transition & MBA Timeline

 Timeline for MBA Prep & B-School Admission

An MBA degree amalgamates your military leadership skills with business acumen and transforms them into a powerful tool that guarantees success in business world( To know why MBA, click here ). During an MBA you learn to understand the business language and immerse yourself deeply into peer group learning. In a b-school you have the opportunity to learn all aspects about running a business and also gain much insight to discover which area of business is more suitable to you. Hence, the MBA degree acts as a bridge between military life and corporate world for your smooth transition.

Almost all of you military officers have been tasked to prepare some or other  plan on various occasions during your service career in which you would have placed  a lot of valuable time, and concerted efforts in doing  meticulous planning and sincere execution.  However, most of you don’t apply the same procedures when it comes to planning your career transition. Here is  a general transition timeline which you can modify to suit your personalized requirement.

Military Experience with an MBA degree makes a powerful tool that is highly marketable in the business environment. Though obtaining an MBA degree may delay picking a job by one/two yrs, the long-term proven benefits are worth the time and resources. The business knowledge with military skills is a perfect blend of leadership and decisiveness with corporate knowledge  and business acumen. To sum it up, Find a program that suit your requirement and start early while you are in active service. To know how you can achieve a good score and how to write essays resulting in admission, click here. If you want to take the highly popular GMAT online course, click here